For 32 years, we have provided personal insurance and the financial security that you and your family need.

Personal Insurance since 1988

Whether having limited means or extensive financial interests, we provide our clients with the personal insurance coverage they need. Rather than working with a set "menu" of offerings, we partner with many different insurance companies to obtain the right group of policies for you. In an increasingly complex insurance environment, our process is simple, fast, and it often results in lower premiums.

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We can provide all types of personal insurance coverage—no matter what your need. Our licensed and knowledgeable staff makes the process simple. And, we can usually secure lower premiums for you...

Over 90% of our business is through client referral—and there are good reasons for that. When you call Shaw, Moses, Mendenhall & Associates Insurance, you'll work personally with one of our experienced and licensed service representatives. They'll guide you through the process and recommend the most suitable carriers based on coverage and price. Sometimes a single phone call is all it takes to complete the transaction. ​​

Trusted since 1988
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Trusted since 1988


Providing auto insurance for almost 33 years, Kamkar Insurance offers tons of coverage options, from insurance for teens, or insurance protection for rental cars to insurance for sports cars and more. Fill out our application below or Call us today: (213) 743-9191 to speak with an agent today!


Since 1988, Kamkar Insurance has offered affordable homeowners insurance through our network of insurance carriers. We offer plans that protect your home and your family at the best rates. Want to see just how much you can save with Kamkar? Fill out our application below or Call us today: (213) 743-9191 to speak with an agent!

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Trusted since 1988
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Trusted since 1988


Whether you're a three-person shop, a midsize company, or a growing business with unique insurance requirements, you can find your desired health insurance product with us. Join the thousands of others who have trusted in us since 1988! Fill out our application below or Call us today: (213) 743-9191 to speak with an agent today!


When it comes to protecting you and your familys future, having a comprehensive life insurance plan can be critically important. Whether it assures that mortgages are paid, maintains the current standard of living, pays off certain debts or pays for someone's college, the life insurance policy that you choose can be there when itit is needed most for the ones you love. Fill out our application below or Call us today: (213) 743-9191 to speak with an agent!

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Trusted since 1988

Looking for a different type of personal insurance? We provide great coverage for the policies below:

  • Condo Application
  • Earthquake Application
  • Valuable Articles Application
  • Antique/Collector Car Application
  • 1-4 rental income Properties Application
  • Boat/Watercraft Application
  • Umbrella Liability Protection Application
  • Comprehensive Personal Liability Application
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Since 1988, we have partnered only with the best carriers in the nation.

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